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Anti Wrinkle / Dark Circles Gel Mask (60pcs)

Anti Wrinkle / Dark Circles Gel Mask (60pcs)

Anti Wrinkle / Dark Circles Gel Mask (60pcs)

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Tired of those dark circles around your eyes? Save yourself from them with our Eye Gel For Dark Circles!

Benefits of having Eye Gel For Dark Circles

Are you sick of having tired eyes and dark circles? Our Eye Gel For Dark Circles can help you forget about those forever. Eye Gel For Dark Circles is made with natural ingredients that are similar to the natural tissue of the human skin.

Special recipe and collagen that this mask is rich with make it highly penetrable. The gel melts under the temperature of your body and is absorbed by the skin easily. 

This mask moisturizes your skin, speeds up cell &and collagen rejuvenation, and eliminates dark circles and fine lines from your face. Collagen from cacti makes your skin firm and glowing. 



  • Moisturizes skin - Collagen from cacti moisturizes the skin and makes it soft;
  • Erases dark circles - Dark circles will never be a problem again, the gel will whiten and erase them;
  • Brings shine into your eyes - Your eyes will be rested and that will show;
  • Makes skin firm but elastic - Natural ingredients will make your skin be young as in a 20- year-old.


  1. Clean your face;
  2. Apply the mask near to the eye;
  3. Leave it there for 20-30 minutes;
  4. Take it off;
  5. No need to wash your face again;
  6. Use 2-3 times per week.



  1. Do not use on scar areas!
  2. Keep away from children's reach!
  3. Do not reuse patches!
  4. Do not keep on eyes for longer than 1 hour!

For just $29.95, you can have fresh and radiant eyes that you have always dreamed of!


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Awesome product! Got mine last week. Love it. Super easy to use. Well worth it.

Paul Jason

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Adam Turner

Just got it... Worked great .... My girlfriend thanks you too :)

John Schwartz

Just got mine and wife is happy about it

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